I am qrv in all digimodes from RTTY, PSK, MFSK, Olivia, Hell up to JT-65, JT-9 and ROS with low power betwen 5 to 8w EIRP. If I wish to operate I have to setup the antenna in the garden first. So that's live in a center of a big city. 

After my change to Hamburg more then 20 years ago my antenna situatiion changed completele. It was not anymore possible to be active on VHF/UHF with bigger antennas. So I try RTTY and AMTOR with low power and small antennas. I like the digital modes but at this time there was no books about these modes available in german language and so in 1993 I wrote my first book "Handbuch Kurzwellen-Funkfernschreiben" (in englisch: Handbook of Shortwave Radioteletyping).

In the next years more and more new digital modes were born. I try to use all of them and so in 2008 the second book "Teletype Digimodes", also published by the Beam-Verlag in german language, was available. At the moment I am working on the second issue of the book and it will be published end of 2015.