I am a long time active on APRS basicly with a Kenwood T-D7E. My QTH is located app. 900 meters from the next digipeater DB0FS-10. So I use 0,5w output only and no external antenna. For mobile and portable purposes I am using PicoAPRS transceiver or a Kenwood TH-D72E.

I was also qrv via the International Space Station (ISS) with a turnstile antenna in our garden and only 8w EIRP. This works pretty well. If the ISS reach higher elevation angle the field strength is very strong up to 9+.

Since 2022 I am on air with LoRa APRS on UHF and simetime I setup an LoRa iGate at my QTH.

Here a list of my APRS-SSIDs ...