About me ...

peter 2

I got my novice amateur radio licence in 1979 and the callsign DG5DT was assign to me. In 1880 I pass the morse examination and I got the call DH4DAB. A year later I pass the advanced licence examination including 12 wpm morse exam and again the callsign was changed now to DL9DAK. In April 2015 I pass the US extra class license exam and the vanity callsign N9DAK was assigned to me.

I starting my profession as radio and TV technician and a few years ago I started my diplom course as telekommunication engineer in Dortmund/Germany. After finishing my degree course I worked as a chief of a developement department in company in Hamburg for two years and then I change into technical journalism until now.

My special interests in amateur radio are digimodes and higher frequencies as well as satellite communications.